Not everyone's face shape is perfect, but if a woman does her makeup smartly, then she can easily create a perfect look. Every face shape has its advantages and disadvantages. In such a situation, makeup should be done in such a way that you can easily hide the flaws by highlighting the merits of your face shape. Contouring helps to accomplish this task.

Contouring can balance the shape of the face a lot and if your face is chubby, it can give your face a slimming effect. However, it is seen that most women when contouring always do it in the same way, so that they never get the look that they want. The best way to do contouring is to first look at your face shape and contour accordingly. So, in this article today, the founder of RVMUA Academy, celebrity makeup artist and skincare expert Riya Vashisht is telling you about the methods of contouring according to different face shapes-

How to do contouring on a square face shape

If your face shape is square, then it means that your forehead and jawline corners will be very sharp, giving your face a square shape. In such a situation, when you are contouring, try to reduce this sharpness a little. For this, you should do contouring on the sides of your face. For this, you start with the temple and then work down to the cheekbones and angular jawline as well. You can contour on the cheeks, but do very light contouring on this area. When you are contouring, use a light shade on the top of the cheeks and a dark shade on the bottom.

How to do contouring on oblong face shape

This is a slightly elongated face shape. In such a situation, when you are doing face contouring, then you need to balance this length. For this, you need to do contouring on the hairline and chin area. When you do this, it makes the length of the face appear less. For this, you must first contour under the chin and along the hairline. Then highlight the face under the eyes and in the centre of the forehead.

How to do contouring on a round face

If your face is round then your cheeks will be a bit heavy. This is such a face shape that the longer it is, the wider it is. The widest part of the round face shape is the cheeks. In this case, by contouring the cheekbones, you will get an angular look. Also, you need to contour the jawline and chin. When you are contouring, choose a shade darker than your skin tone. You can further highlight your face features through contouring as well as proper highlighting.

How to do contouring on an oval face shape

Although the jawline of the oval face shape is round, still this face is slightly longer. Also, the oval face shape has the widest forehead area. The speciality of the oval face shape is that this face shape is naturally contoured and hence you do not need to put in a lot of effort. However, you can create the illusion of lift by applying a slightly darker shade under the cheekbones, from between the ears to the corners of the mouth.

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