Mother often sings lullabies to make her little one sleep. It is said that a child is closest to its mother. That's why the mother understands the child very well even without telling him. It often happens that children start crying a lot and then neither play with their toys nor go out and keep quiet. During this, if the mother takes the children in her lap, then they become silent immediately. Especially when they suddenly become silent when the mother sings them lullabies. But do you know that children get amazing benefits from listening to lullabies. If not, then we are telling you about some such amazing benefits. Lullabies help babies sleep for three reasons-

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Debina does this work everyday
Debina has recently given birth to a daughter. In such a situation, she keeps sharing updates related to her daughter on her Instagram. Recently, he has shared a video, in which he has taken his daughter in his arms. During this, she is reciting lullabies in Bengali language to make her daughter sleep. Sharing this video, Debina wrote that "A Bengali mother is singing a Bengali lullaby, maybe today I can understand the meaning of mother tongue even more."Benefits of Reciting lullabies to Baby
1) Helps to control emotions
Music helps in controlling the emotions of both children and adults. When a child is having trouble falling asleep, it is understandable that parents recite lullabies to help them control those feelings. Music can stir up your emotions in many ways. Lullabies create the emotional atmosphere necessary for a peaceful bedtime.
2) Creates routines
Lullabies also work because they help with a bedtime lifestyle. Sleep experts advise parents who are constantly tired to make a lifestyle. Doing this every day signals to the child's brain that it is time to sleep. In such a situation, the child can accept the bedtime very easily.
3) The bond between parent and child is strong
Bond building is also the neuroscience behind this opportunity. It is related to a small hormone called oxytocin. It pops up during lullaby-time. In such a situation, oxytocin is released while singing. Singing-induced oxytocin is essential because oxytocin is also known as the love hormone and cuddle hormone. That is why it helps in making the relationship stronger.
Interestingly, oxytocin isn't just released every time you sing. Half-hearted lullabies are less likely to stimulate oxytocin production, so parents must sing intentionally and be completely in the moment.
4) Helps the child to relax
It provides them with a sense of comfort and stability and reduces stress, which is why they can fall asleep more easily. When babies are startled or anxious, their heart beat and blood pressure increase. Singing a lullaby is a good way to calm the baby and lower his blood pressure.