The liver plays an important role in digesting food in our body, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, controlling blood clotting, and removing toxins. When the liver does not function properly, many changes occur in the body, such as accumulation of bile. Bile helps in digesting fat. When the liver does not function properly, it is unable to make or remove bile properly, due to which bile starts accumulating in the blood. This bile causes itching in the skin, especially at night when you are sleeping.

Health experts say that itching is a common symptom of chronic liver diseases. Let us know what are the causes of itching in liver diseases and what can be done to prevent it.

Problems in the liver

Health experts say that when there is a disturbance in the liver, some special signs start appearing in the body. The most prominent among these is itching in the body. It is seen more at night, especially when the feet itch the most. The liver is most affected by the constantly deteriorating lifestyle of people.

Scientists are not yet clear what are the causes of itching in liver disease. However, some factors have been found responsible for this.

What are the causes of itching?

Health experts have found that if you have liver disease, high levels of bile salts can accumulate under the skin, which can cause itching. It is not necessary that all people with high levels of bile salts feel itchy. Apart from this, itching also occurs during pregnancy or due to problems in hormones.

How to keep the liver healthy?
Doctors say that bad eating habits can also be a major reason behind liver disease, so eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in the diet and stay away from fatty foods. Keep the weight under control. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption. Identify the symptoms at the right time and consult a doctor.