Remedies for Dry Lips: You must have heard this at some point or the other that if the lips are cracking, then apply lipstick, but sometimes applying lipstick causes dryness and cracking of the lips. This happens because of the poor quality of the lipstick. These days matte lipsticks are very much in trend, but due to matte lipsticks, the lips become very dry at times, due to which the lips also start cracking later. So if you too often feel dry lips after applying lipstick, then you can take some easy measures, which will keep your lips soft.

To protect the lips from the dryness caused by lipstick, first, apply lip balm on the lips, then apply lipstick. By doing this, the chemicals used in the lipstick do not harm the lips and the lips remain soft.

Apply coconut oil for soft and pink lips

Many times the lips become dry as well as dark due to the application of lipstick. To remove this blackness and dryness of the lips, always massage coconut oil on the lips before lipstick. By doing this the lips will remain soft and pink.

Sugar-olive oil massage will save lips from cracking

To prevent chapping of the lips, before applying lipstick, put olive oil in sugar on the lips and massage them. This removes the dead skin of the lips and makes the lips soft. Along with this, it is also effective in making the lips pink.

Use good quality lipstick
Pay attention to the quality of the lipstick, so that the lipstick does not harm the lips, the lipstick does not make your lips dry. Buy and use lipsticks that contain oil and cream to moisturize the lips.

(Disclaimer: The tips and advice suggested in this article are for general information only and cannot be taken as professional advice. Consult an expert before doing any beauty routine.)