Often women resort to different types of lipstick shades or lip gloss etc. to enhance the beauty of their lips. But if the lips are naturally pink, then it is a different matter. However, ageing to sun exposure, affects the lips and the lips start to look dark. In this situation, most of the women try to hide their dark lips. However, instead of hiding them, you should also first look at the reasons why your lips are getting dark.

Natural reasons are often considered responsible for the darkening of the lips, but apart from this, sometimes some of your mistakes and habits can also make the lips black. Usually, these small mistakes go unnoticed by women. So, in this article today, RVMUA Academy's Founder, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Skin Care Expert Riya Vashisht is telling you about some such mistakes, which can make your lips dark-

Use local lipstick

Lipstick plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of lips. But it is often seen that women buy local lipsticks to save some money while you shouldn't do this at all. If you apply a local lipstick, then the chances of darkening the lips are very high, as the local lipstick uses lighter quality ingredients. Therefore, always apply branded lipsticks on your lips. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, then make a lip tint at home with the help of natural things and apply it to the lips.

Use expired lipstick

When some women buy lipstick, they apply it on their lips for years. But if you want that your lipstick not harm the lips, then keep in mind that you do not apply expired lipstick on the lips by mistake. This increases the risk of excessive damage to your lips. Also, never use a dirty brush on lips and lipstick.


Some women put on makeup and then walk out. But one should not go out in the sun with lipstick. Due to this, the chances of darkening of the lips due to sun damage increases manifold. It is better that you always go out in the sun with your lips covered. You can use a mask for this or you must apply sun protection on the lips before applying lipstick.

Not removing lipstick

If you do not remove lipstick after applying it, then your lips start darkening fast. Therefore, always remove lip makeup like your face before sleeping at night and finally, mix raw milk cream and rose water and apply it to your lips. This will keep your lips moisturized and will be naturally pink. You can also do lip scrub once a week to remove lip darkness.

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