The relationship between husband and wife is full of many responsibilities, hence a person gets into this bond only after becoming wise. But recently a child marriage in China is going viral. In this, the age of the groom is 15 and the age of the bride is only 14 years. This marriage was taking place with the consent of the parents.

Let us tell you that according to Chinese law, the minimum age of a girl for marriage must be 22 years and that of a girl must be 20 years. Therefore, the Chinese administration interfered in this marriage and did not allow it to be registered. Parents believe that due to the increasing trend of Tang Ping among the youth, they are not getting ready for jobs and marriage, due to which they have to resort to child marriage.

what is tang ping

A report by the US National Library of Medicine suggests that Tang Ping's thinking among Chinese youth is the result of rebellion against difficult effort-making behavior. Effort making behavior i.e. long working hours, hard work and always doing something new has been on the agenda of the Chinese Communist Party. A large section of youth is rising against it.

Youth looking for parents for adoption

There are some youth who have come out in support of Tang Ping and are looking for parents for adoption at the age of 30-35. So that they can get rid of their busy jobs and do small tasks while staying comfortably at home.

The number of people not getting married is increasing

According to a report by Psychology Today, the number of people who never marry and prefer to always remain single is increasing day by day. According to statistics, at present 4 out of 10 adults in Britain are choosing to remain single of their own free will.

Is marriage at an early age the right solution?

Actually, in our country the age of boys and girls for marriage is fixed. Marrying at a younger age than this also legally falls in the category of crime. But in a country or society where marriage is done at a young age, there is a greater possibility of the marriage breaking up. Besides, it also has a negative impact on the future of children.