Udita Goswami Latest Pics: It is not easy to get success and reach the top as soon as you enter Bollywood films. But some stars are successful in winning the hearts of people from the very first film and making their own identity. One such name is that of actress Udita Goswami, who proved herself to be Bollywood's top actress with just a few films. Udita also made a lot of headlines for her boldness and hot scenes. But Udita, who gave blockbusters like 'Paap' and 'Zeher', got away from the screen on the charm of her career. Let us tell you what this bold actress looks like now and what she is busy with these days.

Got fame from 'Sin' and 'Poison'Born on February 9 in Dehradun, Udita has turned 37 years old. When it comes to Bollywood's hot and sexy heroines, it cannot happen that Udita Goswami's name does not come in them. He had given competition to big actresses with only a few films.

Emraan Hashmi's sister-in-lawThe pair of Udita and Kissing King Emraan Hashmi has given many hot scenes. But in real life, she is Imran's sister-in-law. The director of the film 'Zeher' was Mohit Suri. After this film, the news of the affair between the two started. After having an affair with director Mohit Suri for 9 years, Udita got married in the year 2013. Mohit Suri and Emraan Hashmi are cousins.

Hot scene with brother-in-lawUdita again appeared with Emraan Hashmi in the 2006 film 'Aksar'. Both gave so many bold scenes in Bollywood that even today they are included in the list of hottest scenes. She was last seen in the 2012 film Diary of a Butterfly. This film was a flop at the box office.

Udita looks like this nowLet us tell you that Udita Goswami is now active on social media and she keeps sharing her latest pictures with fans. Recently he shared this picture.

Stylish is the style even todayUdita Goswami is very stylish even today. She is focusing on her career along with raising her children.

has become a disc jockeyLet us tell you that Udita may not be in Bollywood now, but she is earning a name as a well-known disc jockey of the country.

Udita is the mother of two children, She does shows as a DJ. Udita Goswami has taken training from a professional DJ.