People are liking the character of Anuj Kapadia in the TV show 'Anupama'. With Anuj's entry, the fans feel that now something good is going to happen in Anupama's life. Gaurav Khanna has breathed his life in the show, but do you know that before Gaurav, four more actors got a chance to become Anuj.

Gurmeet ChoudharyThe makers first approached Gurmeet Chaudhary for the role of Anuj Kapadia. The actor rejected this role because he could not see himself connecting with the character.

Karan PatelMakers had also approached Karan Patel, but he was busy with other works. He refused to play Anuj Kapadia due to personal commitment.

Gautam GulatiGautam Gulati, who won the 'Bigg Boss' trophy, is quite a popular TV celeb. The makers also offered him this role, but he wants to focus more on his film career. He had refused to work in 'Anupama' for this reason.

Arhaan BehlViewers have seen Arhaan Behl in the TV show 'Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya'. When the makers approached Arhaan for the role of Anuj Kapadia, he refused to work in 'Anupama' due to being too busy with other shows.

Gaurav Khanna

He was the fifth star the makers had approached for the role. Today, due to the role of Anuj Kapadia, Gaurav Khanna is quite popular among the audience. This character has made him stand in the line of big stars.