Weird News: Often many schools come into the limelight due to the strange rules made regarding the dress code of their students. But this time a school in England has issued a strange decree regarding the dress code for the parents of the students. In this, parents have been asked to wear proper clothes while coming to drop the children from school.

Some parents praisedThis decision is from Ayresome Primary School in Middlesbrough town of England and the school has given this information through a Facebook post. According to the report in The Sun, the headteacher of the school said that most of the parents have liked this decision of the school. At the same time, no action will be taken against those who do not follow it. Regarding this decision, 32-year-old Uzma Khatoon, mother of two children, said, 'If parents come in pajamas to drop their children, then I do not allow my children to be friends with their children. My children get scared of those who wear such clothes.

I don't careHayley Chapman, 43, who runs a call center, says I don't care what people think when they come to her pajamas. I think every parent has come to school in nightwear to drop off or pick up their kids. My priority is that my children come to school on time.

I need to prepare the babyDisciple Lopez, 37, says that I often come to school in pajamas to pick up the children. I work till late at night and when I wake up in the morning it is important for me that my child is well prepared for school. Also, in his tiffin and lunch, I should give him home-cooked food. It shouldn't matter why I didn't come with her catwalk-like preparation when she left school.

shameful decisionElle Einstein, 48, says that anyone who criticizes a mother for her clothes because of her child's school drop is guilty of insulting that mother. I am a single parent. I do not have a big family or relatives to take care of my children. I have to do my daughter Stellar and all the household chores.

we are never lateOne such mother says, 'I am proud of my child that he is never late for school. I don't care what I wear when she leaves school. If parents are constantly coming in pajamas and dressing gowns, then instead of criticizing them, they should be asked how they are.