New Delhi: Moles on the body tell a lot of things. It tells about the future of the person, his nature, and even about the diseases he is facing. In oceanography, great importance has been given to knowing luck through sesame seeds. Let us know what is the meaning of the mole present on which part of the body according to oceanography.

Meaning of mole on the cheekHaving a mole on the cheek is considered very good. Such people are very attractive and are very lucky in terms of money. Such people spend their whole life in wealth.

Meaning of red sesameHaving a red-colored mole on any part of the body cannot be said to be good. This mole indicates pain in the body. People who have a red mole on their bodies may have problems related to bones. So they should be careful in this matter.

Meaning of mole on foreheadHaving a mole on the forehead is a sign of a person being very intelligent and logical.

Meaning of mole on palmPeople who have a mole in their hands, never lack money. These people have a lot of money and they are also good at saving.

Meaning of mole on stomachHaving a mole on the stomach makes a person a foodie. Such a person is also fond of food and always gets very tasty food to eat.

Meaning of mole on the ring fingerPeople who have a mole in the second part of the ring finger, are weak concerning the relationship and are unable to maintain a relationship with anyone for a long time. These good relationships are also easily lost.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general assumptions and information. We do not confirm the same.)