High heels sandals side effects: Walking in high heels is not easy. The claw gets twisted after wearing the heels. In the process of balancing high heels, the spine gets affected and back pain becomes an everlasting pain. In such a situation, you should carry the right footwear keeping in mind the body.

High heels problems: High heels sandals are the first choice of women and their favorite footwear in today's time. But do you know that wearing these sandals, which make your look a little stylish, starts causing pain from the back to the knee, which in many cases becomes incurable? However, sometimes wearing high heels does not cause any problem with your body posture. But slowly getting used to it can be fatal. This habit of girls and women later causes back pain and leg pain. So let us tell you in detail about the damages caused by heels.

Disadvantages of high heels

Often high heels (high heels some women who wear them become a victim of permanent orthopedic problems. But they realize it when it is too late. Wearing high heels affects the center of gravity of the body, due to which mechanical pain starts in the body. At the same time, there is a pain in the joints, because the mechanics of the body changes. All the weight remains on the front side. Mostly affects the joints of the muscles. Wearing high heels sandals puts a lot of pressure on the knees, due to which those wearing high heels often complain of knee pain.

This is how the problem starts

high heels In girls and women wearing them, their ankles and knees are more affected. If one wears high heels for a long time, then in this position the body has to be kept tilted forward, this leads to changes in the hips and spine. Some women complain of lower back pain. When we walk normally, the movement of the ankle and foot is normal, but wearing high heels shifts the entire body weight on one side of the toes. The toe of the foot rises like the claw of a horse. This affects the foot joint, knee joint, and ankle joint. Due to high heels, the pressure on the foot increases. At the same time, the upper part of the body tries to balance. Similarly, many times to create balance, you start standing or walking in a very strange way.

effect on the spine

Walking in high heels is not normal walking. To walk wearing it, the position of the toes should always be 90 degrees, but after wearing heels, the paw gets twisted. This puts an extra load on different parts of the body. This is a mechanical pan. In the process of balancing with high heels, the spine gets affected and back pain becomes chronic pain. When wearing high heels, there is a pan in the ankle, knee, foot, and lower back. Wearing high heels also bends the toes, due to which there is a pain in that too. This has the worst effect on the spine. Talking about the most affected parts of the body due to high heels, many women complain of pain in their back, spine, hips, claws, toes, ankles, knees, and joints of the feet which are caused by medicines and Pain killers do not go away even after eating.

Expert Tips

Many lifestyle experts and doctors say that by taking some simple measures, the problem of this incurable pain arising in the body due to the side effects of high heels can be reduced. The first precaution you should take is never making the mistake of walking fast or running while wearing high heels. This increases the chances of spraining the foot. The second piece of advice is to wear flat shoes while driving. While sitting in a meeting, you can loosen your shoes and keep your feet on the floor. By doing this the feet get relief. Apart from this, if you tell another relaxing tip, to relax the feet, take small breaks every half an hour and take off your shoes. Also, consider how much comfort your footwear will give you. This should be the effort of women and girls, if they wear heels, then do not wear them for a long time.

Such a collection will not hurt

Some bone doctors and orthopedic surgeons say that wearing the wrong footwear can cause many problems like Morton's neuroma, hammer toe, and foot corn. This is because most women often choose their footwear by looking at its beauty and style. While shopping for footwear, it should also be kept in mind how comfortable it is. Carrying the wrong footwear has a bad effect on the body apart from the feet. Therefore, keeping in mind the structure of your feet, their length, and soles, you should buy and wear footwear.