Garva fans or coolers like AC do not provide in summer. So many people install AC in their house. However, due to high demand and low supply, load shedding has also increased.

Therefore, no matter how heavy the AC is, it proves to be a box without electricity. Even if you have regular electricity, AC increases your electricity bill so much that you start sweating.

There is a tremendous solution available in the market for both these problems. This product is not considered as many are not aware of it. This solution can be a bit expensive than normal AC. But your electricity bill will come down and you can also get cool AC air in power cut. We are talking about Solar AC.

What is Solar AC?

You may have understood how this AC works with the name of solar air conditioner. This AC also runs on electricity but this electricity is derived from sunlight. For this, solar panels are used, which convert sunlight into conquerors and supply AC. Now you may be wondering how this AC will work at night because there is no wool then.

Solar AC can generate electricity through three channels and give you cool air day and night. On the one hand, electricity coming directly from solar panels is used. The second option is to store the solar power coming from the solar panel in the bank and use it at night as required. You can also connect this AC to your electricity grid.


There are many such solar ACs available in the market, you can also buy them from some websites. But you have to choose the model of AC according to your need. Solar AC can cost more than normal AC. But your electricity bill can be reduced and you can also enjoy AC in power cut.