Just as a good blouse is essential with a saree, so should the sleeves of the blouse. Often women ignore the design of sleeves. This should not be done at all. This can spoil your look to some extent. If you want your saree look to be perfect then choose a beautiful sleeve design for it.

Today we have brought such designs of sleeves for you, which will add to your look.

Meshwork design

Nowadays women are very fond of sleeves with meshwork. You can also try this design this time. This design looks great on a simple blouse. For a different look, you can make pleats at the bottom. To make the blouse more beautiful, you can get pearls on it. This design looks good only on full sleeves. Believe me, seeing this blouse of yours, everyone will not get tired of praising you.

If you want, you can also use a tassel in the blouse. You will find different designs of pendants in the market. This includes from tassels to dice designs. Wear a cotton saree with this type of blouse. Complete your look with a low bun and heavy earrings.

Plate design

The way plates are made in sarees, similarly, this design is becoming quite popular in sleeves too. This will give an elegant look to the blouse. The U-neck design looks good with it. If you want, you can make plates in both length and width. Then get a design made from pearls on it. Like flowers or any pattern. In this also you can try full or long sleeves. Wear this blouse with a silk saree. Do light makeup with it and make a braid hairstyle.

Keyhole design

If you are bored of wearing a simple blouse then try this time keyhole design. It has a hole in the sleeves. It is mostly oval. This gives a different look to the blouse. If your blouse is not a designer, then you can get any designs made on the side of the sleeves.

Fur design

If you want to get a modern look in a saree, then get a blouse with a fur design sewn. These types of sleeve designs are being liked a lot these days. You can get it from single to triple layers. For this, you have to choose matching sleeves from the colour of your saree and blouse. For a unique design, if you want, you can get sleeves of different colours. If your arms are too thick, then get fur with full sleeves.


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