Lack of minerals in the body: There is a lot of talk of calcium or iron deficiency and you must be well aware of its harm, but do you know that potassium deficiency is also very dangerous.
There is very little awareness among people about potassium deficiency. In summer, potassium is the most in the body. Potassium is rapidly depleted due to lack of potassium in the diet and frequent sweating. Let us know how the body gives signals of potassium deficiency and how to overcome its deficiency.
Potassium is an essential mineral that helps in making the body healthy. It strengthens the muscles as well as strengthens the nerves. Prevents loss of water in the body. Not only this, potassium works in the body to break down carbohydrates as well as proteins and use them.So let's know which diseases are at risk due to lack of potassium.
1 - High blood pressure - Potassium controls blood pressure and if it starts decreasing then it also leads to the problem of high blood pressure.
2 - Increased risk of heart disease and stroke - BP is high due to low potassium level, it increases the risk of stroke, brain hemorrhage and heart attack.
3 - Problems in the bone- If the deficiency of potassium persists for a long time, then it becomes the cause of bone problems.
4- Skin disease- Due to deficiency of potassium, rash comes out on the hair and skin. Sometimes this is also the reason behind getting pimples. The problem of dandruff also increases.
5 - Weakening of hair - Due to the lack of potassium, the hair becomes weak and breaks, because the proper absorption of protein is not done in the body.
6 - Migraine- Pain in one side of the head i.e. migraine is also a reason for the deficiency of potassium.Potassium Deficiency Causes
1 - Feeling tired.
2- Increase of weakness in hand or foot and sometimes it turns into numbness.
3 - Muscle tension and cramps.
4 - prolonged breathing or shortness of breath
5 - Anything can happen in both constipation or diarrhea. Because lack of potassium causes digestive problems. Lack of potassium can not send signals from the brain to the muscles of the digestive tract, which causes problems.
6 - Headache- persistent headache or pain in one part of the head persisting for several days.