do's and don'ts: International Yoga Day is June 21, 2022. A large number of people will do yoga on this occasion. If yoga is done regularly and certain rules are followed then its benefits increase. That is why it is important that you also know the rules that you should always remember while practicing yoga.

Take care of yoga

The Ministry of AYUSH also urges every citizen to do yoga and keep in mind some important things while doing yoga.

According to the ministry, yoga should be done on an empty stomach. In case of weakness, a small amount of honey should be mixed in warm water and drunk. The bladder and intestines should be emptied before starting yogasana. Yoga should be done in a conducive environment to calm the mind. Yoga should be practiced slowly and comfortably with awareness of body and breath.

If you also do yoga or are thinking of doing regular yoga asanas since the International Yoga Day, it is very important to know some rules related to yoga. The Ministry of AYUSH has given detailed information on when not to do yoga on its site. This information is very important.

Do not do yogasana in these situations

Do not do yoga if you feel tired due to work or have any kind of illness. Yoga should not be done in a state of extreme haste or excessive stress.

If you have periods then regular yogasana especially asanas should be avoided during this period. Relaxation techniques and pranayama can be done instead. Doing yoga during this time can cause you other body problems.

Yoga should not be done immediately after a meal. Do yoga only after at least 2-3 hours if you have taken a complete meal. Yoga should always be done on an empty stomach.

Never take a bath immediately after doing yoga. Wait at least 30 minutes and then take a shower. Do not drink water or eat food immediately after yoga.

Yoga should be avoided during illness, surgery or any kind of sprain or fracture. Yoga can be resumed only after consulting experts.

Do not do body stretching exercises after yoga.

Do not do yogasana when it is very hot or very cold or when the atmosphere is very humid.

According to the yoga scriptures, it is necessary for a spiritual seeker to follow Yama or Samyam. It is necessary to follow the rules for spiritual development.

You should practice yogas as well as non-violence, truth, asteya, celibacy or marital fidelity, non-aggression, patience, forgiveness, determination to reach the goal, kindness, compassion, honesty, abstinence. Also try to incorporate it into your personality.

If you are pregnant or you have any kind of health problem then proper yoga asana should be done only after consulting a doctor. No asana or pranayama should be done without the guidance of a yoga expert.