Many people use hot oil for hair health and beauty, but if you also massage hair with hot oil, be careful as this trick can harm the hair instead of benefiting it. This causes your hair to slowly get damaged instead of becoming soft and strong. Although there are occasional benefits to using warm oils in the hair, hot oils do more harm than good.

So let's find out how hot oil massage affects the health and beauty of hair.

Hot oil destroys nutrients

Massaging hot oil into the hair increases blood circulation to the scalp, but warming destroys all the nutrients in the oil. As a result, the hair does not get the nutrition that it gets without heating the oil or just applying warmth. So never apply hot oil on the head.

The problem of itching and dandruff will increase

Apart from this, problems like itching and dandruff can occur in the scalp, as hot oil fills the pores of our scalp hair, there is a problem of dryness in the scalp. It is believed that hot oil removes natural moisture from our scalp.

Hair loss begins

Complaints of hair loss due to hot oil are also common. Dandruff and itching on the scalp as well as dryness of the scalp can cause hair loss. This means that applying hot oil causes our scalp hair to deteriorate.

Increases the problem of allergies

At the same time, hot oil can cause allergies, which are more common and less common. Because most people's scalp is more sensitive. In such cases it is especially important to avoid applying hot oil on the scalp.