Blood clotting is a problem, in which blood clots start forming in the blood vessels of the person's body. In most cases, blood clots form in the legs, due to which the veins of the legs become swollen and stand out. Generally, people do not consider blood clotting very serious, but, if it is not treated, it can prove to be fatal.

When blood clots are formed in the blood vessels of the person, then the blood circulation in the person's body is not done properly. Due to this, there is also extra pressure on the heart and the person may have problems like difficulty in breathing, chest pain or a faster heartbeat than normal. Usually, a person can have this problem due to obesity to hormone therapy etc. Some easy measures can be adopted to manage this problem, about which RituPuri, a dietician of ESIC Hospital, Central Government Hospital, is telling you today-


Turmeric is very popular because of its medicinal properties. It contains an active ingredient called curcumin, which also acts as a blood thinner. Therefore, if turmeric is included in the diet, it helps a person to thin the blood.


Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and can help thin the blood. This is due to the natural acid called salicylate present in it. You can include ginger in your diet in many ways.


Tulsi has been used for a long time to cure a variety of health problems. But do you know that due to its medicinal properties, you can also consume basil to overcome the problem of blood clotting? For its benefits, you can chew fresh basil leaves or drink basil tea. Apart from this, basil leaves can also be drunk by boiling and filtering in water.

Red chilly

Like ginger, cayenne also contains salicylates and hence acts as an effective blood thinner. A 2019 study in the Ascension Asia Journal of Multidisciplinary Research also found that cayenne pepper extract slowed blood clotting in samples of type O+ blood.

Neem tree

Some studies suggest that adding neem extract to the diet can help break down blood clots. Due to this the condition of the person gradually improves. To get the benefits of neem, you can consume neem leaf extracts or neem tablets.

Disclaimer- Before consuming any food item, be sure to consult your doctor once. Consuming them with blood thinner medicines can harm you.

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