Kitchen Tips: Cooking is called an art and nowadays there are many such things available in the market, which not only help in presenting this art in a more creative and attractive way but also make our work easier. Blender is one of these pieces of equipment. It is one such appliance, which is commonly used in the kitchen. As easy as it is to use, it is equally important to keep it safe.

With the help of a blender, we can quickly prepare purees, smoothies, or pastes. Today these things have become so habitual that without them we cannot think of working even for a day. But due to the complete dependence on many blenders, we put anything in it and this is where we make mistakes. There are many things that should be avoided by accidentally putting them in the blender. Let us know about such food items.

Which food items should not be put in the blender?
1. Potatoes: Potatoes can be enjoyed in many ways, but putting them in a blender can make things worse. Potatoes already contain a lot of starch, and they can release even more starch when exposed to the rapid movement of the blade. In the end, your work will increase a lot and you will not get the desired result.

2. Frozen Foods: Avoid putting frozen foods like blueberries, strawberries, vegetables, etc. in the blender as they are quite strong and it may be difficult for the blade to break them. If you really need to blend them, leave them out at room temperature for a while and then put them in a blender.

3. Any hot thing: Do not put hot things in the blender by mistake. For example, most people try to smooth hot purees or gravies into their blender, but this can build up a lot of steam and pressure, putting it at risk of exploding. Putting hot cheeses in a blender can be dangerous.

4. Anything with a strong smell: Foods with a strong smell should also not be put in the blender. Most people put onion, garlic, or ginger in a blender to make a puree. These can leave a very strong odor, which can be difficult to get rid of. Apart from this, the same smell can also be transferred to the food items that you will blend after this.

5. Dough: Some people try to knead the dough in the blender in order to show smartness, it should not be done at all. This may help save time, but the truth is that using a blender for the dough will not yield the best results. This is because the blades of a blender are not designed for this.