You must have often seen or heard in every house that on heating milk comes out of the boil. By the way, it is considered good to come out after boiling milk. But sometimes this boom of milk also causes discord in the house. It is seen that whenever the milk comes out of boiling water, at least one loaf of milk is lost. In such a situation, this loss is not tolerated by the men of the house. While making milk and tea, it is a habit of many women that they keep it on the gas and engage in other works or else comfortably go to the drawing room and sit on the sofa. He had no idea how long she sat. In such a situation, milk or tea is boiled from the pot and spread on the gas. It should be that while making milk or tea, one should keep an eye.
If this happens to you too, then let us tell you some such measures today, using which you can save milk from boiling.
Pour some water in the bottom of the pot
If you want that the milk does not come out of the frying pan while it is hot, then first of all you should pour a little water in the pan. Then swirl it around well. Then add milk to the pan and boil it. Due to this the milk will not stick to the pot and will not burn.
Put a spoon in milk
When you put the milk in the pot to boil, then also put a tablespoon in the pot. After this boil the milk, then the milk will not come out of the pot after boiling it.