Whether your kitchen is big or small, managing it in an organized way is a tough task. Women keep some things on their countertop to make work easier in the kitchen. Due to which his kitchen countertop is often seen spreading. You may also be worried about being unorganized in your kitchen, but in fact, you can organize your kitchen countertop very easily.

Several handy tips can help you keep your kitchen countertops from spilling over and help you keep things that are easy to put on your kitchen countertops in a better way. So let us today in this article we are sharing with you some easy tips to organize kitchen countertop-

Take a rod

If you have ever noticed carefully, you will find that kitchen towels are the main reason behind making your kitchen countertop sprawling. Although you need them again and again, it is also not right to keep them on the countertop like this. In such a situation, you try to fix a rod under the kitchen cabinet. After this, you can easily hang some utensils from your kitchen towel there. With this one small step, your kitchen countertop will look more organized.

Double stacked tray

As we all know that women always want to keep some essential spices, pickles, and some other ingredients on the kitchen countertop. But in this way, a large part of the countertop gets used like this. At the same time, the items placed on the countertop like this make it unorganized. That's why you keep a double-stacked tray on the kitchen countertop. This will double the space of your countertop. At the same time, it will also make it more organized.

Three stacked tray

If you want to organize the kitchen countertop as well as make it more beautiful, then you can also keep a three-stacked tray on the kitchen countertop. In this way, you can easily keep all the things you need on the countertop. Also, you can keep some small plants in the three stacked trays. This will also add greenery to your kitchen countertop.

Use an oversized jar

If you have to keep some packets etc. on your kitchen countertop, then a very good way to keep them in an organized way is to use oversized jars. Packets of herbs to spices are used regularly in most kitchens and can be stored in oversized jars thus making your kitchen countertop more organized.

Wire rack hack

We all need a variety of appliances in the kitchen, which are often placed on the kitchen countertop. Due to which your kitchen countertop gets used a lot and then it looks spread. In such a situation, you can take the help of a wire rack to keep these appliances on the countertop in an organized way. It's a good idea to organize multiple applications at once.

Use a Hanging Shelf

This idea of ‚Äč‚Äčorganizing a kitchen countertop will be very much liked by those ladies who are short of space but still have to keep a lot of stuff on their kitchen countertop. In this case, you fix a removable hanging shelf under the cabinet. After this, small containers can be placed in it.

Image Credit- homebnc, freepik