Is It Safe To Put Oil In Baby's Ears: Should we put oil in children's ears to take out the dirt in their ears or not. If you have the same question in your mind, then today we tell you the answer to this question.

Kids Care In Hindi: Only after the woman conceives, do the family members start telling all kinds of remedies. Although it is also necessary. Because women with experience often give good opinions. So that no harm is done to the child, you should have complete knowledge of the care of small children, because a small mistake can ruin the child for life. It has been seen that dirt accumulates in the ear of a small child. Due to this, the ears of the child can be deeply affected. Due to this, the child can also become a victim of deafness. Everyone has different types of remedies to clean the ears. Some put oil in the child's ear. But do you know whether oil should be put in the ear of the child or not, then let us know how much is right and how much is wrong to put oil in the ears of children?

Whether to put oil in children's ears or not

The process of putting oil in children's ears is going on since ancient times. But in this changing era, many such things exist. The use of these can have a profound effect on the ears of children. You can put oil in the ears of children because the skin of children is very soft and mustard oil is very beneficial for them. But some precautions need to be taken to use it.

Taking these precautions

The skin of children is very soft, so use lukewarm oil. Use cotton hair while cleaning the child's ear. Do not put oil in the ears of babies. Consult doctors for much important information.