Women keep the fast of KarvaChauth for the long life of their husbands and the attainment of unbroken good fortune. Women keep fast throughout the day, then women break this fast only after seeing the moon at night. This fast is done with full rituals. In this fast, women see the face of their husbands through a sieve. But after all, what is the reason behind why the husband's face is seen through the sieve, we will tell you in this article about it.

Why is a sieve necessary in the plate of worship?

Let us tell you that the sieve is considered to be of great importance in the worship of KarvaChauth. Women decorate the plate of worship on KarvaChauth and along with it also decorate the sieve in many ways. Then after worship, women complete their KarvaChauth fast by seeing the face of their husband through this sieve.

In many places, women see the face of their husbands after seeing the moon by placing a lamp in a sieve. After which the husband also gives her water with his own hands and then this fast is completed. The sieve is given a special place on the plate of worship. In many places, there is a tradition of breaking the fast by looking at the moon through a sieve. That is why the sieve is considered to be of great importance.

What is the reason behind this?

Let us tell you that there is a legend behind the use of sieve in KarvaChauth. A virtuous and very beautiful woman's name was Veeravati, she had seven brothers. The year Veervati got married, in the same year; she kept the fast of KarvaChauth. But due to hunger, her health started deteriorating. This condition of the sister was not being seen by the brothers. Therefore, sitting on a tree before the moon came out, her brother kept the lamp behind the sieve and said to the sister look, the moon has come out and Veervati broke the fast of KarvaChauth considering the lamp behind that sieve to be the moon. After doing this Veeravati's husband died.

When Veervati came to know that she had mistaken deepaklight for the moon, her husband died. After this Veervati became very sad. Veeravati kept her husband's dead body safely with her and the next year again fasted on the day of KarvaChauth according to which Karva Mata was pleased and revived her husband.

Due to this reason, married women keep a sieve in their hands and watch the rising moon so that no one can deceive them and the fast of KarvaChauth can be completed with full rituals.

This was the information related to KarvaChauth.

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