If you have a beautiful ring and you want to keep it shiny for years and years, then what tips can be adopted for it? Jewelry is the choice of most people and for many, it becomes a way to enhance their look. Most people associate the beauty of jewelry with its luster, but sometimes it happens that delicate jewelry loses its luster due to dirt or improper storage.

This can happen with gold, silver jewelery as well as oxidized jewelry, but at times we feel that they are losing their luster. This is mostly due to the accumulation of dirt. But what are the ways to keep it properly and how can we make our jewelery always shiny?

We spoke to DishiSomani, Founder, Dishis Designer Jewellery, about this question. Dishi has been working in jewelery design and making a market for a long time and has a good understanding of the subject.

According to Dishi, there can be many ways to do this, but you have to keep in mind what kind of jewelry you are doing with what kind of solution-

For example-

  • Are you keeping oxidized jewelery with other jewelry?
  • Each type of jewelry reacts differently to salt and other chemicals, whether you are paying attention or not.
  • You are not keeping the jewelry in too much water.
  • Whether the daily scum is being cleaned from the rings or not, the process of kneading the dough by wearing them is not happening.
  • Keep jewelry away from sweat, makeup, etc., and whether you are cleaning your jewelry properly.

Now if we talk about keeping the jewelry shiny, then, first of all, you have to understand that the jewelry is not always the same and if you clean one piece of jewelry then the same method cannot be applied to the rest of the jewelry.

Reasons for losing the shine of jewelry-

Jewelry loses its shine for a variety of reasons, and there are many things involved, from mishandling to dirtying.

  • Jewelery loses its shine due to body sweat
  • The shine of jewelery is lost due to contact with dust and soil etc.
  • Jewelery shines by keeping fake and genuine jewelry together
  • This happens due to improperly stored

With a little effort, we can fix them as before. So let us tell you how you can increase the shine of your jewelry-

Use Reetha-

The first indigenous way that Ms. Dishi has told you can increase the shine of your jewelry is the use of reetha. Reetha is a natural cleanser and hence can prove to be good for jewelry.

  • Put 2 glasses of water in a vessel, add 50 grams of reetha to it and let it melt.
  • Cook it on the gas for some time.
  • After that put any kind of jewelry in it.
  • After a while, take out the jewelry and clean it with a toothbrush with light hands.
  • The shine of the jewelry will return.

Use of washing powder

Jewelry can also be cleaned with washing powder, however, this method can prove to be a bit risky for imitation jewelry as it sometimes takes off its color.

  • Boil some water in a small vessel.
  • Add washing powder to it.
  • Now put the jewelry in it.
  • After a while, take out the jewelry and clean it with a toothbrush with light hands.
  • The shine of the jewelry will return.

Uses of ammonia powder-

This method can prove to be very useful for polishing silver and gold jewelry. In such a situation, you start looking like new by using ammonia powder.

  • Put lukewarm water in a vessel and add a little ammonia powder to it.
  • Make a solution to this and after that soak your jewelry in it.
  • Now take out the jewelry and clean it with a brush.

Note: Only put solid jewelry in this. Do not treat jewelry that has pearls or gemstones in this way or if you are also using ammonia powder, then be very careful. In such a situation, the pearls or gems in your jewelery may get damaged.

Clean jewelry with toothpaste

Toothpaste used daily can also prove to be very helpful for us and if it is used to clean jewelry then it can also be a good way.

  • Do this with jewelry that does not allow the color to fade.
  • Take toothpaste and rub it little by little with a brush.
  • After some time clean the jewelry thoroughly with water.
  • Keep in mind that these have to be rubbed very lightly.
  • Your jewelry will shine again.

Make your jewelry shine using salt

Using salt mixed with lukewarm water can prove to be very beneficial. Apart from this, cleaning the jewelry is very difficult.

  • Soak the jewelry in lukewarm water mixed with salt.
  • After some time clean them thoroughly.
  • After this, you wash the jewelry thoroughly, and then you will see that your jewelry has shine.

If you think that jewelry is very expensive and it is not right to clean it by these methods, then get it cleaned from the market. Your delicate jewelry will shine very well. You have to keep in mind that always clean the jewelry in such a way that there is no difference in their design.