According to religious beliefs, Lord Shri Krishna is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Kanhaiya was born on earth in the lineage of Mother Devaki and Vasudev. He was born to liberate the devotees from sins, save the devotees from destroying the wicked, and teach the lessons of life through Mahabharata.

His entire life was a lesson for mankind. In childhood, with his mischievous and mischievous behavior, he used to teach people the difference between right and wrong while playing. There is an incident of how mischievous Kanha used to steal the clothes of village women when they went to take a bath in the Yamuna River. By doing this he gave a big message.

Whereas Krishna loved Radha Rani but did not marry her, in this way he taught her the lesson of dharma and karma. By becoming Arjun's charioteer during the Mahabharata, he taught us to stand against our people even against untruth and sin. Many stories related to the life of Shri Krishna teach you the lesson of simplifying life. The qualities of Krishna show the path to success. This year Shri Krishna Janmashtami is on 6-7 September. On this occasion, one can find the path to success in life by adopting some qualities of Lord Krishna.

Living a simple life
One of the many qualities of Lord Krishna is his art of living a simple life. He belonged to a big family. Kanha was the son of King Nand of Gokul. But he was not proud of this. He used to go with the cowherd boys to graze the cows. Lived a simple life. With this quality, he gave the message that never be proud of your position. Treat everyone equally.

Support in difficult times
One quality of Shri Krishna was that he used to help others. Sudama was his poor friend but despite being a king, Madhav was not proud of this. When Sudama came to meet him, he reached the door to take Sudama ji. Pandavas' wife Draupadi was a friend of Shri Krishna, when she was being disrobed, Devkinandan came forward to help her. When there was a war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas and both approached Dwarkadhish for help, Krishna, knowing that the Kaurava army was very large, supported the Pandavas. Irrespective of rich or poor, gender or caste, he did not shy away from supporting his loved ones in difficult times. We can adopt this quality of theirs.

Do not see the status
While making friends, Gopal never thought whether his friend was rich or poor. Being a king himself, he loved Sudama's friendship. After taking initiation in the same ashram in childhood, the circumstances of then changed, but years later, when Sudama reached his kingdom, Dwarkadhish welcomed him as if no one could have been a bigger and more special guest than Sudama. Krishna is the companion of happiness and sorrow.

Right guidance
Shri Krishna always inspired us to follow the right path. He preached the Gita at the time of the Mahabharata. 'Continue doing your work, do not desire for its fruit', stand up even against your people to protect the religion, etc. He gave advice to Arjun and became the charioteer and supported Arjun and Pandavas in the entire war. Whenever Arjun was distraught, he guided him properly.

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