There was a time when due to the Coronavirus, no person could even think of going abroad or travelling abroad. Meanwhile, there were some countries which had refused at all for any foreign tourist to come here. After a long time, the atmosphere got better and people started travelling from country to abroad.

But, it is being said that the case of the corona is gradually increasing again and many countries have banned the arrival of tourists. In this article, we are going to tell you about those 2 countries which have recently completely banned the arrival of foreign tourists. In such a situation, if you are also planning to visit these countries, then definitely read this article.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Indians present in the Caribbean countries of America continent go to visit in large numbers. This is a country which is surrounded by sea on three sides, due to which it is even more famous among tourists.

In such a situation, if you are planning to visit here, then let us tell you that this country has been declared as a covid-3 stage under the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention. That is, the regret of Corona is increasing very fast here and in the last few days, a lot of booms have also been seen.


Kuwait is a country where millions of Indian people live and every month about thousands of people go to visit. But in view of the increasing case of the corona over the last few days, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has included this country in the covid-3 stage.

In such a situation, going to roam here is not less than any danger. If you are going to Kuwait after gathering complete information, plan to visit.

Avoid going to these countries too

The Dominican Republic and Kuwait are not the only countries where you are supposed to visit, but the covid-3 stage also includes some countries where visiting can be fraught with dangers.

These include many countries like France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, Turkey etc. According to a report, if a tourist comes to visit these countries, then he will have to show proof that the corona has been taken from him.

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