Do you know that there are places in the world where less than 30 people live! The history of this place is also unique and its location is also quite attractive. It is also known as a town and its specialty is that you can complete it by walking. By the way, it may seem very strange to hear and read that walking around the city or town completely. You will not need a car to move in this town. Let us tell you about the smallest town in the world.

Here is the smallest town
Actually, this town is located a few kilometers away from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, a country in Europe. The local people call it by the name of 'Hum'. The history of this town is also interesting. No one has the exact evidence related to its history, but it is said that the first mention of the town was found in the papers in the year 1132. It is said that at that time it was called by the name of Cholm. Once upon a time, a ruler had built walls here with stones in the old style. Keeping in view the security, a tower was also built here so that monitoring could be done easily.

Less than 30 people live in the town
According to the reports, the census was done here in the year 2021, in which the population here was estimated to be around 27. Earlier the census was done in the year 2011. This census was released on behalf of Central Istria, in which it was told that the population at that time was just 21. Later it increased to 27.

There are only two streets in town
The town is so small that only two streets exist here. This place can also be visited on foot in a short time. It is said that some soldiers had come here to settle but due to some reasons they could not settle their families. Due to lack of development, only two roads exist here. The houses built here are built in the old ways.