Instagram Reels: If you like to upload reels on Instagram, then you must check from time to time how many views, and likes have come on the reels. To get more views on the reels, trending songs or concepts are also used. Even after working so hard, if the reels do not get views, it feels very bad.

Today we will tell you about such a feature of Instagram through which you can know how many views will come on the reel after it is made public.

Instagram Trail Reel Feature
Every day Instagram brings new updates to facilitate the users. Now Instagram is working on a photo-video sharing feature. Apart from this, Instagram is also going to bring a Trial Reels feature. With this feature, the user will know about its performance even before the reel is posted in front of the public.

In Trail Reel, it will be known how many views will come on the reel even before it is made public. The special thing about this feature is that the reel will not be posted publicly and the user can check the performance of his reel. Understand it like this, the way you draft the reel after editing it.

Just like this, in this, you can see the Pre-Insights View before the reel is uploaded. If the performance of your reel is good then you will be able to post it directly. If you do not upload the reel within 24 hours, then the reel will be automatically deleted.

These people will benefit
This feature of Instagram will benefit creators and influencers. With the help of this feature, they can know about the performance of their content. Let us tell you that this feature has not been updated yet. This feature is under experiment.

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