Indian Railways is known as the lifeline of our country. Indian Railways has been providing its services to passengers for years since the British era. Today there are more than 7000 railway stations in India, lakhs of people travel daily through these stations to reach their destinations.

There are many such railway stations here, which are known for their uniqueness. But 2 railway stations in India are famous because of this because they do not have any names. Yes, you heard it right, 2 railway stations in India are nameless.

In today's article, we will tell you the interesting reason behind these 2 railway stations being anonymous. So what's the delay, let's know about these Indian railway stations-

This station of West Bengal remained without a name-

Let us tell you that a village without a name falls in the Bardhaman District of the state of West Bengal. About 35 km away from this district is a village named Raina, where a new railway station was built in the year 2008. But a decision could not be taken regarding its name.

This is the reason for being a nameless station-

This railway station in Bengal was built between two villages. Raina and Rainagarh, hence the name of this railway station was 'Rainagarh'. But this thing was not liked by the people living in Raina village, due to which a dispute broke out between the two villages. The villagers of Raina allege that this station has been built on their land, so the name of this station should be Raina, while the people of Rainagarh started opposing this.

Station dispute reached the court-

Soon the matter took hold and the Railway Board had to come to the rescue. After which the Indian Railways erased the name from the sign board at the station. The name of the station has not been decided since then. After this decision, commuters have to face many problems and people often want to know the story of the station not being named by the local people here.

An unnamed station is also located in Jharkhand-

Let us tell you that there is such a station in the state of Jharkhand, which does not have any name. There is a very interesting story behind this station not having any name, this station was started in the year 2011. Then this railway station was named 'Champi'. But the local people did not like this name, the villagers had played an important role in preparing this station, so they wanted to name this station 'Kamle'. Due to this, there was a dispute between both the parties regarding the name, since then this dispute has been going on till now. Although officially this station is known as 'BadkiChampi' only.

So these were the railway stations of India which do not have any names.

Image Credit- freepik and google searches


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