Everything from pins to cars is available in Delhi. That's why people come from far and wide to shop here. You must have heard about INA's Dilli Haat? This place is best for shopping. Also, everything from home decor to jewellery is available here. This place has now become the first choice of people for shopping.

Here you will not only get shopping but also different dishes to eat. You can go here any day to shop with friends. Let's take a look at the items found here.

Shop for items made of bamboo

Things made of the bamboo look very beautiful. That's why people often like to shop for things made from it. But if you want to buy items made of genuine bamboo then you should go to Dilli Haat of INA. Here you will find a very good collection of handbags. You can even wash these bags. This will make it new again. Not only bags, but you can also buy many things like lamps, baskets, and glasses made of bamboo to decorate your home.

Apart from this, if you want to decorate your house with a chair, then here you will get different varieties of it. You should visit Poorab Shree Emporium for shopping for bamboo items in Dilli Haat. Here you will get a lot of stuff at a good rate. The price of bags made from bamboo starts from Rs.500. On the other hand, you will get home decor items in the range of Rs 1000.

Good place for clothes shopping

If you want to have only good and trendy clothes in your wardrobe, then you should go to Dilli Haat for this. Here you will find a very good collection of clothes. This is the reason that women from far and wide come here to shop. Here you will find more handcrafted clothes. That's why they are a bit expensive. But it is good in quality. Here you will also find the traditional dress of Assam.

Buy home decor items

If you want to decorate your home, then you should visit Dilli Haat. Here you will find more than one item. Here you will find the best sculptures of different designs to keep in the house. Apart from this, you will also find wind chimes here.

Shop for jewellery

If you have a passion for jewellery, then you can go to Dilli Haat. Here you will find the latest and very unique jewellery collection. Also, there are some shops here, where you will also find special jewellery from the states. Explore the shop here if you want to buy something different.

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