In Hinduism, chanting mantras with a rosary or chanting the name of God is considered very auspicious. The way of chanting the rosary is different for everyone, but just as there are some rules for worshipping God, in the same way, there are some special rules for chanting the rosary.

You also get the fruit of chanting the goods only when you do it properly according to the rules. That's why today we will tell you some precautions while chanting the rosary.

We have talked to Ujjain Pandit and astrologer Manish Sharma about this matter. Panditji says, 'It is a kind of meditative process. It also has religious benefits and also has many benefits for health. But while chanting the rosary, you should take special care of some things.

Which rosary is good for chanting?

Usually, when a person considers chanting the rosary, he starts chanting with a rosary of Tulsi beads or Rudraksha beads. But by chanting with a garland of yellow-coloured pearls, the mind remains calm and the mind also remains focused. You can also chant with a garland of coral pearls in a yellow rosary.

What is the correct way to turn the garland?

  • While chanting the rosary, keep in mind that you have held the rosary properly. Your rosary should not go below the navel and you should not keep the rosary above the nose. Not only this, do not chant the garland by sticking it to the chest.
  • If you are chanting with your eyes open then you should keep your eyes fixed on God and if you are chanting with your eyes closed, then you should focus your attention on the image of God.
  • Do not drop the rosary even by mistake while chanting. Not only this, you should not keep the garland on the ground. You should keep the garland on the handle or box itself.

What should I do before chanting?

Whenever you start chanting, sprinkle Gangajal on yourself and also purify the rosary with Gangajal before chanting the mantra. Clean the place where you want to chant while sitting and chant only while sitting on a clean seat.

How many mantras can be chanted with one rosary?

Generally, there are 108 beads in a rosary, although there are some rosaries in which there are 21 or even 51 beads. As many times as you want to chant the rosary, you can buy a rosary of the same standard from the market.

How many times should the rosary be chanted?

According to the Hindu religion, you should chant the rosary 108 times. By the way, you can chant the rosary more times than this. Not only this, you can chant the rosary 51 times or even 151 times.

Which rosary should be chanted?

Different types of garlands are used for different gods and goddesses in Hinduism. You can chant mantras with any kind of rosary like Tulsi, Vaijayanti, Rudraksha, Kamalgatte, Sphatik, Putrajivak, Akeek, Gemstone etc.

Can a Japa mala be worn around the neck?

If you are wearing a chanting garland around your neck, keep in mind that you have to keep yourself clean at all times. Whenever you go for the routine, you should put this garland beforehand and after cleaning yourself again you should wear this rosary.

What happens when you turn the garland?

When you chant with the rosary, there is a different kind of vibration in your thumb and fingers and you feel these vibrations gently throughout the body, which calms your mind.


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