If the skin is oily, then pimples will be coming out on it often. For people who have this type of skin and they use a market-based cleanser or face wash, then it does not prove to be good for them. According to experts, they are doing damage to their skin. During the summer or monsoon season, dirt and moisture settle on the skin. Apart from this, the production of sebum on the skin increases. Together these three create pimples on the skin. Those with oily skin should take extra care of their skin more than others.

Due to being oily or sensitive, pimples keep coming out and it is called acne skin. To take care of this type of skin, it is best to try home remedies. In this article, learn about homemade cleansers that can give the best results in care. Also, learn how to make them.

Tomato face wash
If you want to clean the skin naturally, then you can choose tomatoes for this. This food with antioxidants is also a natural cleanser. Take tomato juice in a bowl and add some honey to it. After mixing it well, apply it to the skin and massage it with light hands. Remove the cleanser from the skin with cotton and then wash with normal water. Do not forget to apply a cleanser after cleaning the face.

Lemon and honey
Lemon and honey both play the best role in the care of sensitive skin. Lemon prevents excess production of sebum on the skin and honey works to make it soft. Apart from this, lemon also balances the pH level of the skin. Take lemon juice in a bowl and add two spoons of honey to it. Apply this homemade face wash on the face and rub it gently. Now wash the face with lukewarm water.

Aloe vera and honey
Aloe vera is so beneficial that nowadays even skin care products made from it are available on the market. If honey is mixed in it and applied, then you get double benefits. Take aloe vera gel in a bowl and add some honey to it. Now apply this paste to the face and massage it with light hands. Now clean the face with soaked cotton. Do this thrice a week and you will be able to see the difference on the face after a few weeks. The problem of pimples will be reduced and the skin will also glow.