Nowadays, many women are educated, but due to some reason they are not able to go out and work, in such a situation, women find many tricks so that they can earn money even while staying at home. If you are also looking for a way to earn money sitting at home, then today's article is for you. You can earn easily from home by these methods. If you have good internet, a smartphone and a laptop, then now you do not have to worry, you can make extra income while staying at home.

Online Tuition

If you are educated and your spoken English is good, then you can easily earn 50-60 thousand rupees per month sitting at home. For this, you apply for an online tutor on the online site and teach foreign children sitting at home. You can earn money by teaching children according to your time. Many educated women are earning money sitting at home with the help of a home tutor, in a home tutor job you are paid from 400 to 1000 rupees per hour.

Packing service

You can also earn a lot of money with the help of an online packing service. For this, you have to search on the online site where a packing service is required. You can provide your packing service while applying. Nowadays many people are doing

Affiliate marketing

You can earn money by doing affiliate marketing for an e-commerce site sitting at home. In affiliate marketing, the e-commerce site has to promote its product. If someone buys a product from your promoted link, you will get a commission on the sale of that product from the e-commerce site. To take advantage of the commission one has to join the affiliate marketing program of the site.

By selling products from home

You can easily earn money by selling products online from home. If you make any homemade products, then register your shop on e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon and sell your things. Apart from this, you can also sell your things through social media. If you know how to make homemade food products, beauty and wellness products, decoration items and woollen accessories, you can still earn a good income by selling the products online.

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