Today is hug day. Hug Day is celebrated on the sixth day of Valentine's week. On this day, people hug their close ones, friends, family, and partners and express their feelings to them without words. Hugging is also called a 'broom hug'. There is a special reason for this. Hugging someone gives a very magical feeling. Many times, many of your problems, fatigue, anger, etc. go away just by hugging someone close to you. Hugging may also have some health benefits. It's easier to hug family or friends. You can hug them without any hesitation, but sometimes your partner feels some hesitation or fear in hugging his/her beloved i.e. girlfriend or boyfriend. People are afraid to hug their partner, thinking that their partner might get angry because of the hug, or what his/her reaction will be. This Hug Day, understand with some tips whether your partner wants to hug you so that you can hold him/her in your arms without any hesitation.

Get your partner's consent on Hug Day
If you are going to hug your girlfriend or boyfriend for the first time on Valentine's Day, then first of all know whether he will feel comfortable hugging you.
You can ask them openly if they want to celebrate Hug Day with you, and if you can hold them in your arms.
Hug your partner only with their permission or consent.

What to do if you feel scared while hugging
If you are going to hug your partner for the first time and you are feeling scared or hesitant, then first hold their hand.
You can hug them by side hug i.e. touching their shoulder with your shoulder.

Look your partner in the eyes, and hug with a sweet smile.
Keep in mind that neither hug too tightly nor hug too lightly.
To hug, do not hug suddenly or move away suddenly with haste or haste or haste, but hug in a relaxed and loving way.

Do you know that most girls like to be hugged by putting their hand around their neck, whereas boys like to be hugged by putting their hand around their waist? So if you are hugging your girlfriend then put your hand around her waist. This will make both of you feel closer to each other.

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