Over time, many types of drawbacks start coming to the air conditioner. There are many reasons behind this. Sometimes the cooling of AC starts decreasing due to the old PCB ie Printed Circuit Board. This is the reason why your AC needs repair from time to time.

Now you must be thinking that what is the name of PCB? In today's article, we will tell you about this part of AC. Changing which the cooling can be made powerful.

What is PCB (Printed Circuit Board)?

It is a thin green board that acts as the motherboard of the AC. Different parts of AC are connected to this device. Air conditioners can be controlled with the help of PCB. Through which the power of AC can be increased. The device comes assembled with the air conditioner, although it can also be replaced once it is out of date.

How does PCB get damaged?

There are many reasons for PCB failure. Due to this, the cooling is affected. Sometimes the PCB is affected due to low voltage. AC damage can also occur due to short circuits, as well as dust and dirt sometimes affects the PCB.

There are 2 types of PCB in AC-

There are 2 types of circuits found in any AC. One PCB is mounted in the indoor unit, while the other PCB is mounted in the outdoor unit. Most outdoor units break easily because they are on the outside.

Repair PCB-

PCB can be repaired in many ways. But this can only be done by an engineer. In most cases, the PCB is replaced. According to the company, PCBs come at different prices, so you can repair the AC while keeping in mind the budget and safety.

AC consumes more power

By the way, there are many reasons behind the consumption of AC. Sometimes the power consumption also starts increasing due to the bad PCB. Apart from this, the cooling of AC is affected. If you have AC Inverter then there are more chances of PCB getting damaged in it. By installing a new circuit in AC, power consumption can be balanced, as well as cooling can be increased.

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