Ever since demonetization took place, online payments have become dominant in India. Before that, about 80% of things were cash, now many UPI apps, payment wallets and cashless options have come. By the way, almost lakhs of transactions take place every day and due to this, there is a lot of scope for the mistake.

Many times, due to the mistake of just one number or a small letter, thousands are lost. In the last few years, there has been a growth of up to 55 percent in online payments. Now where there are smartphones, online payment is also being done.

Due to the increase in online payments, the problem of digital theft and online payment at the wrong place has also increased. In such a situation, why not adopt some tips so that you can make online payments safe?

Make online payments from a secure device

Always make sure that you do not enter your UPI ID on different devices while making online payments. In this way, you can make your online payments somewhat secure.

Do not keep the same password and ID

Most people think that it is okay to have the same ID and password, but it is not. This puts all your accounts at risk of being hacked at once. Keep in mind that UPI ID and Password should all be different.

Avoid saving on e-commerce websites

It is still fine on one or two sites, but many times people put their card details on any site without thinking. Strangely, you are visiting a site for the first time and still entering your online payment-related details. You should not do this for any site other than the sites you use regularly.

Use a temporary credit card

Some credit card companies offer temporary credit cards for one-time purchases only. The only function of these cards is that regular payments cannot be made from them. Also, if you want to use a permanent credit card, choose credit cards that have a lower limit.

Public Wi-Fi is the biggest threat

Understand one thing very carefully. Using public Wi-Fi and making online payments is a feast for hackers. Even if you are using public Wi-Fi, use your mobile data while making the payment. These details related to financial transactions should be kept in mind.

Double check UPI ID

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that if you are making UPI payments to someone, then you must check the ID twice. This is because if you have done it wrong then it becomes very difficult to get the money back. Try sending a small amount before making any large payment. Most people get their loss done in this haste.

Do not share your CVV with anyone

You have to keep in mind that if you are making an online payment, then such details which are present only on your card should be kept safe. For example, the CVV of your card, which is number three, do not share with anyone.


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