How to Grow Rain Lily Plant: The name of the rain lily plant is included in the list of the most beautiful plants. It is the rainy season these days. In such a situation, your garden or house can also bloom from the plant.

Rain Lily can be called Zephyranthes in science. White, pink and yellow flowers bloom on this plant, which looks quite beautiful. Today we will tell you how to grow rain lily plants easily at home.

Rain Lily Planting Time

The rain lily plant is also known by some people as fairy lily and magic lily. Planting this plant on rainy days is very beneficial. In such a situation, you should also plant this plant in the monsoon season or around it.

Where to buy seeds

You can easily buy a rain lily plant from any nursery built around the house. Apart from this, nowadays plants can also be bought online. Rain lilies can be planted using both seeds and bulbs.

How is the soil

Like any other plant, use clean soil for your rain lily plant. Use 60 percent soil, 30 percent sand and 10 percent vermicompost i.e. earthworm manure in the pot.

Is sunlight necessary for this plant?

For the rain lily plant to grow properly, it is very important to get sunlight. In such a situation, keep the plant in the sun for some time.

Plant like this

  • First of all, clean the soil and put it in sunlight for 1 to 2 days.
  • After this put soil in the pot and put the seeds in it.
  • Now water daily and get the pot sunburned.
  • It takes time for the rain lily plant to flower, but once it starts, the pot looks beautiful.
  • Also, keep in mind that there must be a hole at the bottom of your pot for water to drain out.

It is the rainy season these days. In this way, you can easily plant this plant. How did you feel about the rain lily plant? Do let us know in the comment section of Facebook.

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