How to Check Plastic Rice: These days there is a lot of adulteration going on in rice. Somewhere the rice you are eating is not of plastic. Let us tell you, even after cooking plastic rice, there is no difference in it. Plastic rice not only harms our health, but can also cause dangerous diseases like cancer. Do not panic after hearing this, today we are going to tell you an easy way to identify genuine and fake rice. So let's learn the difference between real and fake before buying rice.

1SectionHow to Identify Plastic RiceSTEP 1Two Pot Test
To identify the real and fake rice, first you take two utensils. Now put both types of rice in both the pots and add water to it. After a while you will see that the rice of one vessel will settle down and the rice of the other vessel will be seen floating in the water. Understand that the rice which is floating on the top, that rice is fake i.e. plastic.

Try heating 2Section STEP 1 If it melts then fake
To identify plastic rice, first you take two utensils. Now keep two types of rice in both the pots and keep water in it. Now heat it in the oven or microwave for some time. After a while take it out from the oven. What looks like a layer of water in the rice, understand that it is plastic rice.

3Section Lighter Test
To identify plastic rice, first of all, try to put two types of rice in a vessel and cook it with a lighter. If the rice smells of burning like plastic, then understand that it is adulterated ie plastic rice. Apart from this, keep both types of rice on the pan and cook it on low flame on the gas. If there is plastic rice, it will start melting easily. In this way you can easily identify the plastic rice.