Jodhpur is a very beautiful city in Rajasthan situated in the middle of the desert. On hearing the name of this city, the first mention of luxurious palaces, world-famous forts and best palaces etc. This is a city in Rajasthan where thousands of tourists visit every day. Especially in the monsoon, most of the tourists arrive to visit.

You must have visited many places to visit the luxurious palaces and forts etc. in Jodhpur, but do you know about the scary places present here? It is said that the soul of those who visits these scary places of Jodhpur trembles. Let us know about these places.

Singhania Hill

Singhania Hill of Jodhpur is a place which is considered one of the scariest places. Regarding this place, people believe that once some people had gone for a walk on this hill, but did not return after several days. Another story is that this place used to be a viewpoint earlier, but some people went to watch the sunset in the evening but did not return. After both these incidents, no one goes for a walk on this hill in the evening.

Jodhpur-Jaipur Highway

Jodhpur -Jaipur Highway is also one of the scary places. There are not one but many horror stories about this highway. One story goes that once a family was going down this highway at night and a person wearing a white sari asked for a lift, but without giving a lift, drove the car over the woman. It was later learned that his car had an accident. After this incident, no one is afraid to go with the family.

Khejdla Fort

Khejadla Fort, built in the 15th century, is also included in the scary places. It is said about this fort that prisoners were kept in this lower room around the 15th century. These prisoners are not given food for many days due to which they also died. It is said that no one is allowed in that room and in the evening the sound of shouting keeps coming. However, some part of this fort has been converted into a heritage hotel.

Mehrangarh Fort

The lower building of Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur is also included in the scary places. Local people believe that till a few years ago, no one used to go for a walk around this fort in the evening. People believe that a soul resides in the lower palace of the fort.


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