Delhi-NCR is not in any one limited place, but Uttar Pradesh is on one side and Haryana on the other. People travelling, partying or doing office reach in Delhi-NCR the most. In a way, Delhi-NCR is the perfect place to visit. You must have visited the famous places present here many times to visit, but do you know about the scary places present in Delhi-NCR?

There are many such scary places in Delhi-NCR where one is afraid to go alone. In this article, we are going to tell you about some scary places in Delhi-NCR, where you will also think before going.

Farukh Nagar Fort

Farukh Nagar Fort near Gurgaon is a fearsome fort. Some part of this palace built yesterday by the Mughals has now turned into ruins. Local people believe that there is a treasure under this fort, but to date, no one has been able to find it. People believe that this treasure is protected by a soul, due to which no one tries to find the treasure.

Phoenix Shoe Factory

Phoenix Shoe Factory in NCR is also included in the scary places. It is said that a few years ago, due to a fire in this factory, more than 200 people were burnt to death. After this horrific accident, this factory was closed. People believe that even today no one dares to go around this factory after evening. Many people believe that the sound of shouting also keeps coming from here at night.

Hindon River

The HindonRiver present in Delhi-NCR is popular as a scary place. People living on the banks of this river believe that there are many horror stories about this river. People believe that some people had gone for a walk on the banks of this river after sunset, but did not come back. Some people believe that some people had gone fishing in this river but did not return. After this incident, no one goes to the banks of the river in the evening.

Hill Street

Pahari Street in Gurgaon is also a haunted place. It is a scary place not only for NCR but also for Haryana. Local people believe that whoever leaves this street during the night with a car, some spirit tries to stop him. It is said that many times there have been accidents on Pahari Street.

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