Headache is a common problem. You can use many types of medicines available on the market to get relief from headaches, but they harm you in the long run. In such a situation, you can try many types of home remedies to get relief from this problem. Let's know which home remedies you can try.

Acupressure - You can also take the help of acupressure to get relief from headaches. For this, bring the palm of your hand towards the front. Now gently massage the space between the thumb and index finger with the other hand. Massage both hands for 4 to 5 minutes. This will work to provide instant relief from pain.

Lemonade - Sometimes gas also causes headaches. In this case, heat a glass of water. Add lemon juice to it. Mix these two things well. Now drink this water. This water works to relieve headaches. This is a very easy home remedy.

Eat Apple - Apple is a very healthy and tasty fruit. Apple also helps in treating headaches. For this cut an apple. Consume it with salt. Many times the headache does not get better even after many efforts. In such a situation, apple works to give you relief from headaches.

Clove oil - You can use clove oil to get relief from headaches. It helps in removing headaches. For this, you can massage the head with clove oil for some time. It has properties that relieve headaches. It works best to relieve headaches.