Mice Control Remedies: There are some home remedies to get rid of rats at home, which can be very useful for you. With their help, rats will run away from your house.

Home Remedies For Rats: From the kitchen to the store, if there are mice in the house and they nibble on your stuff. If you infect the food, then it is a matter of concern. But you do not need to worry because there are some home remedies with the help of which you can get rid of rats. These home remedies to get rid of rats are very effective. If rats make a mess in your kitchen or cut electric wires and clothes, then you do not need to worry anymore. With home remedies, you can get rid of rats from the house.

How to get rid of rats?

Rats will run away with the help of alum

Let us tell you that alum can help you a lot in driving away the rats from the house. First of all, grind the alum and make powder. Then add water to the flour and knead it. Then add alum powder to it. Now make small balls of this flour mixed with alum and keep them in those places where rats come. By eating these pills, the rats will die or they will run away from the house.

Naphthalene balls are of great use

Know that rats do not like naphthalene balls at all. Rats run away from the smell of naphthalene balls. Make a powder by grinding most naphthalene balls and then mixing it in the flour. Now knead it by adding water. After this, keep the maida tablets at different places in the house. This will drive the rats out of the house.

This way to get rid of rats is effective

You can also take the help of baking soda and peppermint to get rid of rats. First of all, knead about a cup of flour. After this, add peppermint oil and baking soda to it. Then make tablets of this flour and keep them at those places in the house where rats come.

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