In Indian homes, asafoetida not only adds tadka to the vegetable, but its fragrance brings the whole family together at the dinner table. While on the one hand, asafoetida is considered the king of spices in culinary science, on the other hand, in astrology, asafoetida is called the destroyer of troubles.

Our astrology expert Dr. Radhakant Vats says that by trying some remedies of asafoetida, you can get rid of the troubles of your life. So, without delay, let us know about those unique remedies of asafoetida.

  • Take off the asafoetida daily and throw it in the north direction. With this remedy, your chances of getting success in every work will increase.
  • Grind camphor with asafoetida and mix it in homemade kajal. Then after that put that kajal on a leaf and offer it to Hanuman ji. This remedy will not affect the eyes.
  • Chant the mantra 'Om Shri HanumateNamah' 11 times by keeping asafetida in hand. No kind of fear will bother you with this remedy.
  • Rinse with asafoetida water and drain that water in the drain going outside the house. This remedy will reduce the effect of negative energy.

  • Take a bath with asafetida water and keep a piece of asafetida tied in a white cloth in your pocket for 11 weeks. This remedy will open the way for debt relief.
  • Make a powder of camphor and black pepper with asafoetida and put that powder on frankincense and burn it. With this remedy, the stopped money will come back.
  • Tie asafetida in a black cloth and press it under the root of a Peepal tree. With this remedy, your enemies will not dominate you.
  • Tie asafetida in a red cloth and keep it in the vault for 11 Saturdays. This measure will open new avenues of income.
  • Flow asafetida daily in flowing water for 11 Sundays and meditate on Hanuman ji. This remedy will end all the troubles in your life.

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