High Cholesterol Dangrous Symptoms: The rise of the fat layer in the veins of the blood is not easily detected. Its signs are found when it has increased to dangerous levels. But if you keep an eye on the changes happening in your body, then you can easily catch it.The diagnosis of high cholesterol is accurate from the blood test, but even before this you will be able to know by looking at the signals from your body that the fat in your veins has increased beyond the limit. Here today we are telling you about the symptoms seen and felt when cholesterol increases.
If the level of cholesterol in your body has become high, then you will start getting three types of smells. At the same time, you can also detect the fat in your arteries by looking at the nails and two special symptoms in the feet. So let's know about this in detail.Dangerous Signs of High Cholesterol
If you start smelling like this, then you will be alert
In a study in the journal Laryngoscope, it has been revealed that when the cholesterol in the body starts getting high, then three types of strange smells start coming. If the smell of garbage or drain, any kind of unpleasant smell, or the smell of burning of something is coming again and again and no one else around you is feeling it, then it is a sign of high cholesterol.
Numbness in the legs or pain in the calves
Plaque that accumulates in the arteries is a sign of high cholesterol, and when it gets into the veins, the blood circulation starts to deteriorate. It has the most effect in the feet and this is the reason when the cholesterol is high, then along with the pain in the calves of the feet, the veins also emerge and look dark in color. Sometimes the soles of the feet also become numb.
Yellow and cracking nails
When plaque builds up in your arteries, your arteries narrow, causing blood to stop. This happens in many parts of the body, including your nails. Due to this, the color of your nails starts turning yellow or cracks start forming in the nails. Not only this, the growth of your nails also stops.
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