Heart Attack Signs: In today's time, the main reason for serious diseases related to the heart is food and lifestyle. But you have that if you have a heart-related disease, you may also have a problem with abdominal pain.

Signs Of Heart Attack: Due to today's hectic lifestyle and unbalanced diet, all kinds of diseases are arising in people. In today's time, the main reason for serious diseases related to the heart is food and lifestyle. At the same time, many serious problems like heart attack, art failure, and stroke are now being seen in young people too. At the same time, in the problem of heart attack, the patient has problems like chest and chest pain, neck pain, and shortness of breath. But do you know that the body gives many more signals when there is a problem related to the heart? Let us tell you here how stomach pain is a sign of a heart attack.

Signs related to the stomach in the problem of heart attack-

Stomach pain

It is usually caused due to blood clotting in the blood vessels, due to which the blood supply to your heart is interrupted and there is chest pain. And there may be complaints of severe pain in the chest. But many times the problem of severe abdominal pain has also been seen in patients during this problem. This problem of abdominal pain can also be a symptom of a heart attack. Let us tell you that when your heart does not have a proper blood supply, then due to this the blood circulation in your body also stops. Abdominal pain can be felt in this condition. Therefore, do not take the problem of stomach pain lightly.

Indigestion And Burping

Indigestion and belching are also considered to be signs of a heart attack. Frequent problems of indigestion and belching can be a sign of heart attack or serious problems related to the heart. So if you are also troubled by the problem of indigestion, then contact the doctor immediately.

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