Stress makes us do many things and this is some kind of problem that can happen to anyone at any time. Due to stress, it happens that you start many such things which are not right for you, for example, many times it happens that you start biting nails due to stress, sometimes eating food due to stress Too much starts. But what if all this happens before marriage?

It has been seen many times that girls start eating more before their marriage. This happens due to the stress of wedding planning and sometimes this anxiety eating increases so much that many women find their weight increased. It is not only for the brides but for the groom also such things affect.

Anjali Mukherjee, an expert dietitian who trains Miss India contestants, has shared some ways to get rid of this problem on her Instagram account. Anjali has been working in this field for almost 20 years and she is also a diet tips expert.

What is stress eating?

Here stress eating simply means eating without hunger. It is also related to carbs where you start eating more carbs than the body needs and the reason for this is that our body reminds us of such cravings which are always fulfilled by eating sugar, gluten, or other carbs. Research also suggests that eating sugar in very small amounts causes some of the same hormones in the brain as are produced by taking cocaine.

It is like a drug and our body starts interpreting it as comfort food. This is the reason why our weight also has such an effect. Many times it happens that you end up eating more of the same things that you have thought of as comfort foods, for example-

  • you eat more bread
  • Consume more sugary things
  • increase the amount of rice
  • The consumption of bread and butter or sandwiches etc. becomes more.

What to do to avoid such a problem?

According to Ms. Anjali, you can also try some special tips to avoid the problem of this craving. The best way to reduce this may prove to be to increase your protein intake.

  • eat eggs for breakfast
  • Eat foods rich in protein
  • Even if you feel like eating a quick snack, eat a snack full of protein
  • If you like, then carry nuts, fruits, protein bars, etc. with you during wedding shopping, etc.

What is the reason behind this?

Extra cravings in our body are also due to the up and down of blood sugar. Blood sugar levels promote stress even more. If you have the right amount of protein in your diet, then your body will control cravings better.

If the best day of your life is getting spoiled due to stress, then this little trick can help you a lot. If you are having problems with stress eating, then you should increase protein in your diet. If you have any problem related to diet, then first contact the doctor.

Before making any major changes in your diet, it may prove to be right to talk to an expert.