Healthy lunch for Children: Children can benefit a lot from Tasty Fruit Sandwich. So let's try to know how to make it.

Healthy lunch for Children: If you also want to give different and healthy lunches to your children, then the easiest way is to make a fruit sandwich. It does not take time to make, and it is very healthy too. Let us know how to make fruit sandwiches so that your child remains healthy.

These things will be needed to make a fruit sandwich

First of all, you take 5 pieces of bread, after that take 3 spoons of cream, then add 10 to 12 grapes. After that add half a cup of chopped mango, then chopped apple, after that take jam and nut powder as per the requirement. You will need all these things to make a fruit sandwich.

How to make Fruit Sandwich

- First cut the bread piece, then separate the side of the bread

After cutting the bread cut the mango and apple into small pieces

After cutting the fruit, take out all kinds of jams in different bowls

To the jam Apply the jam to the pieces of bread, after applying the jam, put cream and walnut power on it.

After this, add fruit and apply the jam well and keep a piece of bread on top.

After this, pack the children in tiffin and give them lunch.

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