Foods To Avoid In Monsoon: In the changing seasons, it is advisable to eat a variety of things, which can prove to be beneficial for health. But today we are going to tell about some such vegetables, which eating in monsoon can harm your health. So let's know which vegetables enhance health.

Vegetables Avoid During Monsoon: In the changing season, the question often arises in people's minds that which foods should be consumed and which foods should be avoided. Some things are healthy during the monsoon season and some things work to harm health. That's why we are often asked to pay attention to eating, drinking, and keeping cleanliness because in the rainy season there is moisture everywhere. If water is kept in small pots for a few days, then insects start growing in it. Therefore, always protect yourself from getting wet and pay constant attention to the cleanliness of the water tank, and pots. Doing so will be much better for your health. Also, let us know which vegetables we should not consume during the rainy season.


Many people are very fond of eating cheese and mushrooms, but at the same time, keeping a distance from them during the rainy season can prove to be good for your health, because the fungus and bacteria present in them promote skin infection and you will get a fever, Can suffer from problems like cold and viral.

You should avoid buying brinjal

during monsoon, because the demand for brinjal increases rapidly in the market during this season, so for its quick production, people use such medicines which can harm our health. Also, worms get inside it which can disturb the balance of your digestion. So avoid consuming them.


It is used to enhance the taste of a variety of green vegetables and for decoration of pizza pasta, but during the rainy season, due to moisture, the chilies start spoiling quickly, and bacteria start growing in it, due to which consumption After that you may have to suffer from serious diseases.

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