Many people like to eat eggplant. People include them in their diet in different forms. Especially in winter, people love to eat eggplant filling.

In fact, there are many health issues that can affect your health. Taking it can make your problems worse. Find out the reasons why you should avoid eating eggplant.

Having allergies: - If you have any kind of allergy problem in your body, you should avoid eating eggplant. Because eggplant can make your allergy problem worse. Avoid eating eggplant even if you have any eye problems.

Depression: - If you are suffering from depression, avoid eating eggplant. Most people who suffer from depression take medication. Therefore, consumption of eggplant can reduce the effect of drugs.

Hemorrhoids: - Those who suffer from hemorrhoids should also avoid eating eggplant. If you eat eggplant, your problem is likely to increase.

Kidneystone problems are: - A person with kidney stone problems should take special care of diet. According to doctors, eggplant contains oxalate which is harmful to the kidneys. Therefore, avoid eating eggplant.

During pregnancy: - Eggplant should be avoided during pregnancy. In fact, consuming eggplant during pregnancy can be detrimental to fetal development.