Peas side effects: In the winter season, peas are prepared every day at everyone's home. Vitamin C is found in it, which is very beneficial for our health. But still, many people should not consume it.

Peas side effects: Green peas are famous for their health benefits and flavourful taste. In the winter season, peas-based things like peas-paneer, potato-peas, peas casserole, etc. are prepared every day at everyone's home. Peas are a storehouse of essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Consuming peas regularly can reduce the risk of blood pressure and stroke. However, every single food we eat has some side effects and it is no wonder that irregular consumption of peas can also be harmful to one's health. Let us know who should not eat peas and why?


Diabetes patients should not consume peas. The amount of carbohydrates in peas is high, due to which the sugar level of the body can increase suddenly.

Constipation or gas problem:

If you have constipation, gas, or bloating problems, do not consume peas in excess. Otherwise, your problem may increase further. It is possible that people suffering from these problems should not consume peas.

Kidney patients:

Kidney function is affected by excessive consumption of peas because of the high amount of protein in them. Consumption of peas can increase the problem of kidney patients.


Consuming more peas can cause a sudden increase in your weight. Along with this, the amount of fat in the body also increases. Therefore, those who want to reduce their weight, do not include peas in their diet.

Joint pain

In winter, most people are troubled by the problem of joint pain. In such a situation, if someone's uric acid level is high, they should not consume peas. Excessive consumption of peas can increase the level of uric acid, which causes pain in the joints.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Must take medical advice before adopting it. Kalamtimes does not confirm it.)