Health Tips: It is good to drink cold water in the summer season. This water gives a lot of relief. Many cold drinks are also available in the market in summer. However, they can also be harmful to health. According to health experts, cold water does not allow fat to burn inside the stomach. Because of this, weight increases rapidly and obesity can also be a problem. Some conditions are such that cold water should not be drunk even by mistake. Let us know when and when cold water (Cold Water Side Effects) should not be drunk.

Heart rate

It has been found in many types of research that cold water slows down the heart rate. A slow heart rate can cause difficulty in breathing. Cold water should not be drunk even by mistake if there is a heart problem.

After workout

Never drink cold water after exercise or workout. Actually, after exercising, the heart rate increases to a great extent. The body temperature also increases significantly. In such a situation, if you drink cold water, then there can be problems related to the heart. Due to this, the temperature of the body also gets disturbed.

After sun exposure

If you are coming from somewhere sunny then you should avoid eating and drinking for some time. Cold water may feel good to drink but it should be avoided. This can make it hot and cold. That's why cold water should be drunk shortly after coming from the sun. Otherwise, fever can also come.

Poor digestion

People who have poor digestion or any kind of stomach-related problem should avoid drinking cold water. Refrigerated water should not be drunk if the stomach is upset. This can slow down the digestive system. Apart from acidity or digestion, this can also cause other problems.

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